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Live Scan/Fingerprint Information

Live Scan is a system for the electronic submission of fingerprints for background checks. All applicants who reside in the state of California will be required to use Live Scan for submission of their fingerprints to the Department of Justice.

Applicants who cannot access the Live Scan process, or who reside outside the State of California, will need to submit fingerprint cards to the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau for processing. Please refer to the sections below titled "Manual Card Process" and "Instructions for Completing the Manual Card Process."

Fingerprint Submission Change. Effective July 1, 2005 Penal Code section 11077.1 mandates the Department of Justice only accept electronically transmitted fingerprint images from regulatory entities performing background investigations of applicants. FD-258 fingerprint cards should not be submitted after July 1, 2005.

The Department of Justice does have limited statutory authority to issue an exemption to this mandate if an electronic transmission site is regionally unavailable or internal processing procedures dictate a need. If an exemption is sought, applicants, not the regulatory entity, must submit a CJIS 9004 - Request for Exemption from Mandatory Electronic Fingerprint Submission Requirement along with the FD-258 fingerprint card.